About us

About us

When it comes to 

pest control services in Thrissur

, We are the experts. Our company which boasts of a team of over 25 experts with vast experience are here to make your Home or your Office free from disease-causing rodents and insects. We are also known for our termite control method. Our team can solve your pest related problems quickly and efficiently.

Our employees are committed to the highest standard of performance and professionalism. With the help of latest tools and environmentally safe chemicals, we ensure that you and your family can stay at home tension free.

Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

Residential Home Pest Control Thrissur
Residential Pest Control

Pest related problems in your house? Free your house from cockroaches, rodents and most importantly mosquitoes which causes diseases like Dengue and Malaria. Call us now!

Commercial Pest Control Thrissur
Commercial Pest Control

Our commercial pest control services offers to protect your office against a wide variety of pests and pests related problems.

Termite control and pest prevention in thrissur
Termite Control

We are experts in Pre Construction & Post Construction termite control. We use non hazardous Ordourless chemicals imported from Germany. The chemicals we use does not cause any kind of allergies.

Garden maintenance pest control in thrissur
Garden Maintainance

We also do termite control for lawns, Anti-Fungal Treatment for Plants, Blossom set sprays for Plants.

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Contact Us

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